Speech: How to Strategize Smart Cities? Revealing the Smart Model

Soumaya Ben Letaifa

Innova Conseil Group

innova-conseilFormer Deloitte Director, former Bell Canada marketing manager, and former Thematours Vice-president, I am today an associate professor and an Associate at Innova-conseil. I am fully engaged in steering public and private transformation projects and regularly called upon to share my expertise in Canada, MENA region and Europe in the field of strategy and innovation management.

My recent talks (Silicon Valley IBM Conference, july 2015 and GIKA conference, Valencia, july 2015) focus on How to Succeed Public Private Ecosystems Transformation in the MENA region and on How To Strategize Smart Cities.

My research and executive MBA teaching aim at exploring new paradigms in marketing and strategy (open innovation, coopetition, business ecosystems, service-dominant logic) and on connecting the macro, the mezzo and the micro levels of business relationships in global and local contexts. More specifically, I explore Actor to actor relationships far beyond the traditional buyer-seller dyad to grasp the complexity of interactions and networks of actors (including Governments, citizens, universities and all stakeholders involved in the value co-creation process).

Soumaya Ben Letaifa’s Speech

How to Strategize Smart Cities? Revealing the Smart Model