Speech: Media in the Age of Machine Learning

Dr. Hassan Dawood

Vice Chair and Deputy CEO : Alsayegh Media


A remarkable career journey has seen Dr. Hassan impart his energy and entrepreneurial expertise to diverse fields including medicine, management, media and marketing. Online for well over a decade and one of the very first Emirati bloggers, he created his own innovative Internet start-up while at medical school – even before the creation of Facebook and Twitter.

Following graduation, Dr. Hassan practiced as a medical doctor in the United Kingdom. However, wanting to pursue his twin passions of medicine and marketing, he secured a role in strategic healthcare management, where he researched the impact of the mobile and social media revolution on the healthcare industry. Seeking an even greater challenge, he would co-establish a revolutionary new media agency that in just two years transformed the integrated communications landscape in the UAE – Alsayegh Media.

Outside of media and marketing, Dr. Hassan regularly invests his time as a motivational speaker and judge at entrepreneurship events and is devoted to helping young Emirati entrepreneurs become a dominant force on the world stage.

Dr. Hassan Dawood’s Speech

Media in the Age of Machine Learning