Speech: Designing Luxury Brands: the Neurophysiology of Shiny

Prof. Diana Derva

DervalResearch, author of Designing Luxury Brands

Diana Derval is Chair and Research Director of DervalResearch, global market research firm specializing in shopping behavior, neuromarketing contributor for Harvard Business Review, Chair of DervalBiotech代戈 and the Better Immune System Foundation.

Inventor of the Hormonal Quotient® (HQ), and of the Derval Color Test® taken by over 9 million people, nominated for the Edison Awards, member of the Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, and author of the books “Wait Marketing”, “Hormones, Talent, and Career”, and “The Right Sensory Mix”-finalist of the Berry-AMA Award for best marketing book – Diana turns fascinating neuroscientific breakthroughs into powerful business frameworks to identify, understand, and predict human traits, motivations, and behavior. She has accelerated the development of Fortune 500 firms including Danone, Sephora, Michelin, Sofitel, Carrefour, and Louis Vuitton.

Regularly featured in the media (Fujian TV, Guangxi TV, France Infos, Marketing Management, Sidney Herald Tribune, Fashionista), Diana Derval is adjunct professor at Donghua University in Shanghai and teaches Innovation, Luxury, and Neuromarketing at ESSEC Paris-Singapore, IAE-Sorbonne, IFA, and Fudan University. Over 23,000 professionals enjoyed her inspirational lectures and workshops from Paris to Dubai.


Prof. Diana Derval ‘s Speech

Designing Luxury Brands: the Neurophysiology of Shiny