Speech: Sparking Innovation in Asia through Intrapreneurship

David Nosibor

Innovation Evangelist

mazarsDavid Nosibor is an intrapreneur and go-getter with experience and deep interest in social media marketing, corporate entrepreneurship and how they both help transform large organizations. He has 5+ years of experience implementing digital marketing strategies and being a social media evangelist in B2C & B2B organizations, from the sports / entertainment industry to the professional services sector.
Since June 2014, David has been fostering innovation and intrapreneurship at Mazars, a global audit and accounting firm, in Asia Pacific. His role is to spark innovation and ignite culture change through initiatives using the lean startup methodology and leveraging social media, digital collaboration tools. His imperative is to shape communities of aspiring entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs and enable them to mature and implement their innovative ideas. He engages them with initiatives such as the #MazarsforGood Innovation Challenge and the Mazars’ Innovation Lab in Singapore.
David also advises external clients on their social media strategy and conducts social media training sessions and workshops on how to leverage social media for personal branding, recruitment and business development.

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David Nosibor’s Speech

Sparking Innovation in Asia through Intrapreneurship